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The car business was just going to be a way to pay for college so I could become a lawyer.  I wasn't going to stay.  I sold my first car to the first customer I spoke to, on my first day in the business in July of 1994 and I have been in the business ever since.  The car business did pay for college, and law school and provided me with a wealth of experiences I could have never imagined.  I have had an opportunity to meet incredible people and travel the country visiting hundreds of dealerships.  It has provided an opportunity to make a difference for the people I work with, the customers they interact with, and is immensely satisfying.

Today, I don't just teach compliance - I preach it .  I believe that having compliant business practices is good customer service and good customer service is good for your business.  I believe  building a compliance culture in your dealership is about embracing customer service, protecting them from harm, by designing processes that exceed expectations, produce real results, and earn customers for life.


I also know the law is complex and ever changing - just like your business.  Today, you need practical solutions from someone with knowledge of both the law, and the car business, to help you avoid expensive compliance challenges.  I just happen to know a guy - I look forward to speaking with you.


-Eric Judson


FnI Compliance Solutions 

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